DATANA wraps up successful EIC Accelerator grant

Feb 28, 2024

We are thrilled to share the successful completion of our first EU grant: the EIC Accelerator, funded under Horizon 2020. This significant chapter, from May 2021 to February 2024, has served as a cornerstone of our DNA data storage journey. The EIC Accelerator grant totaled €1.8M in funding, allowing us to expand our team to its current size – a talented group of 15 interdisciplinary professionals with backgrounds spanning mechanical and electrical engineering, biotechnology, molecular biology, programming, and business development.

The EIC Accelerator empowered us to push the boundaries of our DNA data storage technology. Through rigorous testing, development, improvement, and scaling, we reached a significant milestone – Technology Readiness Level 8 (TRL 8). This is marked by the integration of a complete and validated system for DNA data storage, opening doors for early commercialization of this exciting technology and future advancements in the field.

Our commitment to a market-focused approach was evident throughout the grant period. Extensive market research and positioning activities gave us a nuanced understanding of the landscape, enabling strategic decision-making. Securing several Letters of Intent (LOI) indicates interest in what DATANA has to offer.

Additionally, we successfully carried out two impactful pilot projects on our journey. Collaborating with Bitstamp, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, we successfully encoded and retrieved an entire cryptocurrency wallet – wallet address, public and private keys, and seed phrases. In our recent partnership with Trace Labs, the core developers of the AI-powered supply chain tracking ecosystem, we explored a possible application of “DNA tags” as a tool for product tracking and authenticity verification.

Our success would not be complete without acknowledging the key contributors to our journey. We thank the European Innovation Council (EIC) for their continuous support and belief in our vision. Special thanks go to our dedicated Project Officer, Mr Nuno Quental, and to the EIC’s External Expert, Mr Guillaume Cambray, whose guidance and feedback have been instrumental.

As we bid farewell to the EIC Accelerator grant, DATANA is poised for the future. The knowledge, technology, and experience gained served as a springboard for our second EU grant, the EIC Pathfinder, where we lead the consortium project “PEARL-DNA”, where we aim to develop a platform for end-to-end DNA data storage technology and significantly scale up the encoding and reading capacity. For more information on our EIC Pathfinder grant, you can read here.

For any inquiries or further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.