New project PEARL-DNA successfully kicked off

Oct 11, 2023

On October 1st DATANA team successfully started a new, 3-year research project PEARL-DNA that was recently funded under the EU’s Horizon Europe programme. The pioneering project has secured 5.04 million euros from the EU’s Pathfinder-Open Challenge and is set to deliver a proof of concept (PoC, TRL4) for its end-to-end platform’s systems and processes. The project builds on the DATANA project, and we aim to leverage synergies between the projects and technologies to bring DATANA closer to commercialization.

BioSistemika’s proven track record in DNA-related research and innovation and dedication to further advancing this cutting-edge field have played a pivotal role in establishing a consortium for in-depth research and development of their vision for the future of DNA-based data storage.

PEARL-DNA project focuses on surpassing existing technologies in data recording throughput, speed, capacity, reliability, and data integrity. It aims to redefine data storage by achieving unmatched  DNA encoding speeds and introducing a maintenance-free DNA preservation system suitable for any environment.

The consortium brings together three esteemed research groups and three innovative SMEs, creating a synergy that cements the European innovation ecosystem’s position in the global DNA-based digital data storage sphere. Coordinated by BioSistemika (Slovenia), PEARL-DNA unites the Insitute for Information Processing at the Leibniz University Hannover (Germany), DNA conservation technology provider Imagene SA (France), the Division of Molecular Biotechnology and Genomics at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Germany), Institut iPrint at HES-SO, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (Switzerland) and EU-project management, communication and dissemination expert accelopment Schweiz AG (Switzerland).

“PEARL-DNA pushes the technological boundaries in data recording technology and storage, aiming to make DNA-based data storage readily available – setting the stage for global adoption,” explained Tomaž Karčnik, DATANA and PEARL-DNA Project Manager at BioSistemika.

The platform will be developed in a modular and interoperable way, promoting integration with other DNA data storage solutions (like DATANA) to accelerate the uptake and wide adoption of the DNA data storage technology.

More info about PEARL-DNA project and its progress will be available on the project’s website