DATANA team showcasing at IFA 2023

Aug 28, 2023

Following the success with both the EIC Accelerator and, more recently, the EIC Pathfinder grant, has been selected by the European Innovation Council as one of the 20 most promising EIC-funded companies to participate in the European Pavilion at the upcoming IFA 2023 fair in Berlin. This event will showcase the most innovative products and groundbreaking technological advancements from around the world and marks an important stepping stone for BioSistemika, which just recently took on the role of coordinating the prominent EU consortium project PEARL-DNA.

“Building on DATANA’s foundation, PEARL-DNA pushes the boundaries in data recording technology and storage, aiming to make DNA-based data storage cost-effective and setting the stage for global adoption,” said Tomaž Karčnik, DATANA Project and Product Manager at BioSistemika.

The IFA 2023 will take place in Berlin from September 1 to September 5. DATANA team Tomaž Karčnik, Project and Product Manager, Luka Zupancic, Business Development Lead, and Anže Smerdelj, Business Development Manager, will be showcasing their pioneering DNA data storage project at the EIC Pavilion (Booth 207 in Hall 2.2).

The team is eager to share progress and connect with fellow professionals, discussing potential avenues of collaboration with data storage providers, investors, industry representatives, and other interested parties.

For meeting requests with the DATANA team at IFA 2023, please contact us at or message the team directly over Linkedin: Tomaž Karčnik, Luka Zupančič and Anže Smerdelj.