DATANA presents at Advanced Inkjet Technology conference

Feb 23, 2024

Engineering core from Datana attended the Advanced Inkjet Technology Conference in Fribourg, Switzerland, from January 29 to 31, 2024. The three-day event proved to be invaluable, significantly enhancing our team’s grasp of the dynamic inkjet technology landscape.

During the conference’s “New Applications” session, Tomaž Karčnik showcased the Datana DNA data storage project, emphasizing its connection with inkjet technologies and the future outlook for DNA data storage. Specifically, the discussion revolved around the intersection of inkjet technologies with DNA data storage, illuminating potential future developments in this area. The presentation was well received by the audience.

In addition to our presentation, our team met with the conference organizers and our partners at the PEARL-DNA project, the HeS-SO/iPrint team. These interactions strengthened collaboration within the consortium, fostering a shared vision for the project’s success.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to connect with key suppliers and technology providers crucial to the next generation of DNA data storage, as well as network with representatives from various organizations and explore potential future business partnerships.