DNA Data Storage

Helping humanity store every bit of data using next-gen technologies
About the project

The world is facing an alarming global shortage of storage supply for the growing production of digital data.


Only half of the data we generate today is stored.


Four-times more data will be generated worldwide in 2025 than there is today.


Only 20% of generated data could be stored in 2025 with the current supply of data storage mediums.

DNA can store it all!

Using the code of life itself, DNA holds exceptional capabilities in data storage and is offering a sustainable alternative to existing storage technology.

greater capacity per gram, compared with magnetic tape.

is the oldest DNA that was successfully read/sequenced.

costs the maintenance of DNA storage medium.

DATANA’s team of experts is dedicated to introducing the first solution for sustainable,  cost-efficient, and rapid writing of digital data to DNA.

Our Solution

We are developing the first benchtop machine for DNA writing that is suitable for everyday commercial and personal use. Our patented data encoding algorithm and our proprietary liquid handling system mark a turning point for the technology of DNA data storage. DATANA enables DNA data writing at costs and speed, comparable to current technologies for the first time while unlocking the virtually limitless advantages of DNA in terms of stability, data density, and sustainability.
Nature’s greatest single achievement to date was surely the invention of the DNA molecule.
Lewis Thomas

physician and author